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Bondi Beach Facts You Probably Didn't Know

Bondi Beach Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Beach vacations are destined for fun, and after the crazy year we just had, some fun is far overdue. There is so much to look forward to as we begin to return to our normal lives — eating out, meeting up with friends again, and indulging in a relaxing (or exciting) vacation all come to mind.  

In Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, Bondi Beach shimmers on the coast as one of Australia’s most beloved oceanfront locales. If you are looking for a fantastic tourist destination, Bondi Beach does not disappoint with its fresh ocean breezes, beautiful scenery, and gorgeous ocean view properties.

This beach town has fun stuff to do, great weather, and friendly residents. However, there are even more reasons it is such a desirable tourist destination, so let’s take a look at some incredible facts you may not know about Bondi Beach. 

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Fact #1: Hottest Day On Record

The hottest day on record occurred on January 7, 2018, reaching a whopping 47.3 degrees Celsius (117.4 degrees Fahrenheit). One hundred plus degrees Fahrenheit is not unusual for Australia, but reaching more than 117 degrees was highly unusual. 

Fortunately, you’ll be right on the water out in Bondi Beach, so there’s always easy access to take a dip and enjoy the ocean breeze. 

Fact #2: World Records

Bondi Beach is famous for surfing lessons, so what better location to achieve inclusion in the Guinness Book of World Records with a beach full of Santa Clauses taking surfing lessons? On December 15, 2015, 320 Aussies dressed as Santa Claus all hit the water in Bondi Beach to bone up on their surfing skills and raise money for some deserving charities.

In 2017, Bondi Beach hosted the most extensive swimsuit photoshoot with more than 1010 models. This swimsuit record easily broke the previous record in the Guinness Book of World Records. 

Fact #3: Bondi Surf Bathers Life Saving Club

Bondi Beach can have strong currents and riptides. When residents and tourists flock to the beach, they may not know or have the skills to remain safe in the changing tides. The Bondi Surf Bathers Life Saving Club (BSBLSC) is the oldest life-saving club in Australia (founded in 1907). 

The changing tides at Bondi Beach made it clear that someone needed to oversee the water, long before the role of the lifeguard was one that was set in stone at every beach. Now, Bondi Beach, among the rest, is home to a bevy of lifeguards who keep the waters safe for all its visitors.

Fact #4: Bondi Beach is Often Featured In Movies

Due to Bondi Beach’s beauty, it is often the central scene in films. There are 57 (so far) tv-series and movies made at Bondi Beach.  Some of these films are very memorable, like Bondi Rescue, while others you may not have heard of, but one thing is for sure – Bondi Beach has secured its place on the silver screen.

Fact #5: Bondi Beach Attracts 40,000 Visitors Per Day

On a beautiful summer day, Bondi Beach can see more than 40,000 visitors on this one-kilometer-long beach. It’s no secret that Bondi Beach is a desirable tourist spot, and the throngs of visitors that come to relax, tan, surf, and play make this beach one of the hottest year-round summer destinations in the world.

Fact #6: The City To Surf Run

The City to Surf Run (aka City2Surf) is an annual event held at Bondi Beach, bringing more than 80,000 enrollees to the event each year. This event is a 14-kilometer course that includes competitive runners and those who wish to participate as a fun run enjoying the sun and testing their mettle.

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