Tips for Getting the Most Value Out of Your Trip With a Serviced Apartment

Tips for Getting the Most Value Out of Your Trip With a Serviced Apartment

While a hotel might be the default option for many travelers, a serviced apartment can provide you with all the comfort and amenities of a hotel with countless extra advantages. 

A serviced apartment gives you more space, more privacy, and all of the amenities you have at home to make your next trip to Bondi Beach more enjoyable in just about every way imaginable. 

Follow these tips so you can get the most value out of your next trip down under!

1. Budget Less for Food

One of the biggest reasons to consider a serviced apartment is that an apartment allows you access to kitchen spaces, something that’s hardly ever available at your run-of-the-mill hotel chain. In turn, you’ll be able to save on food allowing those unspent food budget dollars to be best used elsewhere.

The best serviced apartments have full kitchens with ovens and stoves, helping you avoid the cost of eating out every night. Dining out is costly, and budget-friendly options can be rather dull. Who wants to eat the same fast food that you could get back home? 

Serviced apartments allow you to spend more of your food budget on the best of the best since you can cook and prepare other meals. Our kitchens come with coffee and tea makers, as well as stoves and ovens. You can see everything included in our serviced apartments here

2. Take Advantage of the Bigger Space

Serviced apartments come with significantly more space than your average hotel. Having more rooms means more space, and the best way to make a serviced apartment worth it is to do something with the added floor space. 

Many serviced apartments have multiple bedrooms and can accommodate more visitors than a standard hotel. Consider bringing along friends and family on your next trip. The cost of staying in one serviced apartment together would be significantly cheaper than staying in multiple hotel rooms. It’s a great way to bring your loved ones together for an unforgettable vacation. 

Plus, the extra space is great if you find yourself needing to do some work while you’re on your trip. For example, if you’re traveling for business, designating an area in your serviced apartment just for your business will help you stay focused on your work without the need to work sitting up in an uncomfortable hotel bed. 

3. Plan to Pack Less

Having an entire apartment to yourself while you’re visiting Bondi Beach can make you feel the need to bring more with you, but you’ll get more value if you don’t. Our services apartments at Bondi 38 come equipped with laundry facilities, meaning you don’t need to bring nearly as many things as you would if you stayed in a hotel, and you can always expect to have fresh clothes, even if spills happen. 

This is great for multiple reasons. Quick access to laundry means you can pack less, yes, but it also means you can save valuable luggage space to bring home souvenirs and gifts to your family back home.

4. Know Your Location

Hotels are always competing for the exact few beautiful locations, and if you find a hotel with a great view, you should be prepared to spend a significant amount of money. 

Serviced apartments are different. Our Bondi 38 serviced apartments are located right by Bondi Beach, with many units offering beach-front views. However, you don’t have to worry about the premium price tag that comes with luxury hotels with a view. 

Whether you’re traveling for leisure or work, having a great view can make those moments relaxing in your accommodation feel that much more magical. 

5. Accessibility Comes First

When it comes to big chain hotels, the rooms are often cramped and small. This means, if you need extra space for mobility devices like wheelchairs, it can be virtually impossible to navigate. You’ll need to ask for a specific wheelchair-accessible room, which may even limit some of the accommodations due to lack of space. 

Serviced apartments are different. At Bondi 38, all of our apartments are 100% wheelchair accessible, making it so that you don’t need to sacrifice anything to get the perfect vacation experience. Our apartments are spacious and designed with your needs in mind. 

Rather than sacrificing on amenities, or worse yet, paying extra for wheelchair accommodations, go with a serviced apartment that offers you the space you need to get around freely and stay comfortably. 

Vacation in Style with Bondi 38

If you’re thinking about taking a trip to Bondi Beach, Sydney, a serviced apartment will give you all that you could desire in a vacation property. Easy access to the beach and amusement and access to large, comfortable spaces make a serviced apartment the go-to option for any traveller.

At Bondi 38, We offer multiple floor plans, ranging from studio to two-bedroom units to fit any size traveling party, and all of our apartments are wheelchair accessible. 

Check out our gallery today, and let us show you. Bondi 38 Serviced Apartments can make your next vacation better than any you’ve ever had before. Book with us today, and let us get you on track to taking your next holiday in beautiful Sydney.


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Bondi 38 Serviced Apartments

Bondi 38 Serviced Apartments

Our fully self-contained Bondi serviced apartments are among the finest serviced apartments Sydney has to offer.

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