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Why A Serviced Apartment Is Perfect for Your Family Vacation

Where you choose to stay on your family vacation can enhance your stay tenfold. After a long day at the beach or sightseeing, being able to go back to a unique, spacious and welcoming residence is almost as important as the vacation destination itself. 

Making sure your family has ample room for relaxing and getting ready for excursions is very important for your comfort and experience. Many hotels simply aren’t built to accommodate families in the way that rental properties are. Serviced apartments are an amazing alternative to hotels that can upgrade your stay and keep everyone in the family happy.

If you are planning a family vacation and looking for accommodations that will allow you to enjoy the comforts, security and amenities of home in one place, a serviced apartment is the perfect for your family. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons for you and your family to choose a serviced apartment for your next holiday stay.  

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Reason #1: Spacious Accommodations

Hotels can get cramped very fast if you have a family of four sandwiched together in one or two rooms, all clamoring for the one desk or one TV in the whole place. With a serviced apartment, you can choose the size of your apartment, from a studio to several-bedroom units. Staying in a two bedroom furnished serviced apartment offers an incredible amount of space, especially when compared to a hotel’s cramped quarters. 

With space for everyone, the vacation will go smoother, everyone will get along better with their own areas and privacy. If you have children, you know that the more space, the better, as it will quell fights over facilities or time spent getting ready. There is plenty of space to go around for everyone in a serviced apartment. 

Reason #2: Better, More Convenient Locations

The location of your vacation rental is incredibly important for when you are planning activities and recreation on your trip. Making sure you are staying close to the best beaches, shopping, museums and places to go sightseeing is incredibly important so you spend less time in a taxi and more out and about having fun with the family. With serviced apartments being able to be located in residential and more centrally located places in some areas, you can reserve your apartment in the best part of whichever city or area you are vacationing. 

Reason #3: At-Home Level Comfort and Accommodations

Rarely do you feel “at home” in a hotel, no matter the amenities it offers. With serviced apartments, they are true apartments furnished and maintained to make you and your family feel just like you are staying in a home. Hotels usually offer one window, one bathroom and little privacy, while serviced apartments give you all the amenities and accommodations you would find at home. Your own private entrance, a kitchen to cook in, spacious rooms, and room to breathe after a long day of outings.

The purpose of a serviced apartment is that you enjoy privacy and relaxation in a home away from home. There is a freedom to these apartments you just can’t get with hotels, no matter how nice the suite, and you still get the luxuries of housekeeping, laundry and everything else a hotel offers, in a more personalized experience for your family. 

Reason #4: Great for Your Budget

Serviced apartments are great for the family for all the reasons above but also because they are easier on the budget than most hotels and resorts are. 

Not only does serviced apartments offer a kitchen for you to prepare and store food, which can really help save money, but there is also no per person fee charged when you stay at serviced apartments, unlike most hotels who do charge a per person fee. 

You have flexibility when it comes to how long you want your stay to be in a serviced apartment, as it could be a day, a week or a whole month; no matter how long, you and your family are going to love your new home away from home. 

Get the Vacation Space Your Family Deserves with Bondi 38

At Bondi 38 Serviced Apartments, you get a guaranteed great stay with a plethora of premium hotel-like amenities. Our beachfront serviced apartments will be your home away from home while you soak up the sun and enjoy everything Sydney and all of its local attractions have to offer. Bondi 38 is the ideal place for any length visit, as we offer luxury with an unparalleled location. 

Choose from intimate studios, comfortable one-bedrooms or spacious two-bedroom serviced apartments that can accommodate any type of trip, be it family, romance or business.

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