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5 Interesting Facts About Serviced Apartments You May Not Know

If you are already planning your next trip with family, friends, a loved one, or even solo, you are also definitely looking for some great accommodations to make the most of your stay. So what do you choose? Motel? Hotel? AirBnB? 2022 looks like it will be the year of the serviced apartment. 

Serviced apartments are quite new to the hospitality industry and are great for group travel or solo stays in gorgeous locales. Perfect whether you are spending just a few days for a short-term visit or need something for a long-term period, serviced apartments offer a like-home experience while you’re staying abroad.

Since this style of accommodation is new to many, there are heaps of things you might not know about them. Today, we will take a look at some of the best things about staying in a serviced apartment that you might not know! 


Top on the list is space. Serviced apartments typically offer a larger space compared to average hotel rooms. An average serviced apartment is often up to three times the size of an average hotel room. 

Travelling with family is naturally a bit chaotic, especially when you find yourself cramped in a too-small space. However, having a larger space for everybody means that there’s quite a bit more room to do their thing and  (hopefully) not get on each other’s nerves.

Our apartments at Bondi 38 come with a beautiful kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and a spacious lounge to relax in. Plus, all rooms have modern appliances. 

Need a little more space? Check out our two-bedroom apartments for increased privacy and comfort!


Due to having a larger space, complete set of appliances, and fully-functional facilities, a serviced apartment is indeed a home away from home. The very heart of the concept of serviced apartments is to have amenities, functionality and comfort all in one accommodation, so that you can feel like you’re at home, even when you’re across the globe. 

You can cook your favourite dish anytime and spend a lovely night in rather than spending extra money on dining out each night. Need to do laundry? On-site facilities have you covered so you can relax instead of searching frantically for a laundromat.. 

A serviced apartment offers comfort and convenience on a level that a hotel simply can’t.. 


Not only does a serviced apartment offer comfort but privacy as well. Staying in a serviced apartment means that you have the same privacy you get back at home. This is especially a benefit if you’re travelling with the family. Someone may want to rest and stay in the room, and the others may want to watch the tv on the couch. With its divided areas in each serviced apartment (and interconnected two-bedroom options), you will be able to have the luxury of doing what you want when you want with the privacy you need. 


Location is important no matter the destination. Being nearby the things that make your trip the most enjoyable is a must. That’s just part of what makes the Bondi 38 experience so incredible. Located at 38 Campbell Parade, overlooking Bondi Beach, Bondi 38 is an oasis, just a stone’s throw from the shoreline and steps away from Bondi’s best restaurants and shops..

  • Bondi Beach – Just steps away!
  • Bondi Markets – 1 min
  • Bronte Beach – 3 min
  • Edgecliff – 8 min
  • Double Bay – 9 min
  • Coogee Beach – 11 min
  • Kings Cross – 13 min
  • Watsons Bay – 14 min
  • Sydney’s CBD – 15 min
  • Westfield Sydney – 16 min
  • Sydney Airport – 23 min

Wondering what other things you can do while staying in Bondi beach?

Check out our list here! Make sure to browse our Online gallery as well to see what Bondi Beach has to offer.


One of the advantages of booking a serviced apartment is getting more than what you paid for. When you stay at a serviced apartment, you get the best experience for a great price (often much less than staying at a hotel!)The space, comfort, privacy, and getting the best views are worth every penny. Check rates and availability online for a hassle-free booking. 

Browse our gallery online and book your Bondi 38 serviced apartment today! With the list of activities (and amenities) a kilometre long, your stay with us will keep you right near the action during the day and comfortable at night. With Bondi Beach a stroll away, you can get up and start your day right on the beach. Are you ready for your front-row seat to beautiful Bondi Beach and all that it has to offer?  Book your unforgettable experience now!

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