Benefits of a Serviced Apartment

Benefits of a Serviced Apartment

Traveling usually means staying in a hotel — in small, cramped spaces with little room to store your food, clothes, or any other belongings you take with you. You end up eating out every night, and spending your travel budget on overpriced fast food. Not only are hotels predictable and somewhat dull for avid travelers, but they often lack the charm of a real home and the flexibility of staying in a serviced apartment. 

If you’re thinking of traveling to Australia, a serviced apartment might just be the best way to go. Not only are you provided with all of the accommodations you could desire, but you’re also gaining the benefits of at-home living. For business travel and vacation travel, serviced apartments provide you with far more benefits than a traditional hotel at a reasonable rate. 

Curious what these benefits are? Let’s take a look at what makes them such a great alternative to hotel and motel stays. 

Benefit 1: Space

The biggest thing you’ll notice about staying in a serviced apartment compared to a hotel is the amount of space you’re getting for the same price. Apartments include the amenities that your apartment or house back home has and immediately conveys that the space is yours to enjoy. 

Not only are sleeping spaces somewhat separated from the main living area, but there are dining areas, cooking facilities, and laundry services either in the unit or nearby. If you’re traveling for work, having extra space to designate a place for work and an area for leisure will help you in maintaining some work-life balance. 

The amount of space in a serviced apartment makes this accommodation desirable for those who might be spending quite a bit of time in Australia, whether you’re vacationing or dropping by Bondi Beach for a business trip. 

Benefit 2: The Cost

In most cases, serviced apartments are priced competitively against large hotel chains, making it tough to understand why a traveler would ever opt for smaller accommodations for the same price in 2021! 

Not only are quality apartments often more affordable than luxury hotels, but they will also often include more amenities for a similar cost. You often have access to in-unit laundry and other benefits of home.

You also won’t be sharing a WiFi connection with everyone in the hotel; you’ll be using a more direct link. You’ll be getting better service for an important amenity. 

Another thing that helps the cost make more sense is that you’ll spend significantly less money dining out when you can cook in your very own apartment. Even storing grab-and-go snacks is an easier task when you have a large refrigerator. 

That money saved can be put toward your actual vacation and let you see and do things all across Bondi Beach and Sydney at large! 

Benefit 3: Ahhh, Feels Like Home

Opting for a serviced apartment will help your trip feel more like a visit home rather than traveling somewhere completely unfamiliar. You’ll have a temporary home rather than cramped hotel accommodations, and the feeling of being somewhere comfortable and more like home truly lends itself to the feeling of being able to relax. 

Having access to comfortable places to eat dinner and space to relax is something you don’t always think about when vacationing or traveling for work, but a serviced apartment helps you really capture what it feels like to be at home. On exceptionally long trips, a serviced apartment can be a godsend, allowing you to truly unwind instead of just plopping down on a hotel bed. 

Benefit 4: A Great Location 

Staying in a serviced apartment often means that you’re staying in the heart of all of the action. You’ll have better chances at scoring beachside views or units right in the best vacationing spots with all of the above amenities and inclusions. 

With a serviced apartment, you can spend more time doing what you came to Sydney to do. Whether you’re vacationing with family and hoping to spend as much time as possible on the water, or you’re traveling for work and need to get to an office with lessened commute times, serviced apartments are a convenient option that puts you where you want to be. 

Benefit 5: Disability Access

Many hotels and motels will have a minimal number of disability-friendly rooms to rent out to travelers with disabilities. In peak times, there are often too-few rooms available for those who need them. 

Due in part to the ability to have more space than a traditional hotel, apartments can be made wheelchair accessible much easier. For example, at Bondi 38 we have made each of our apartments entirely wheelchair accessible, ensuring any traveler can stay with ease. 

Are You Ready To Travel? 

If you’re thinking about taking a trip to Bondi Beach, Sydney, a serviced apartment will give you all that you could desire in a vacation property. Easy access to the beach and amusement and access to large, comfortable spaces make a serviced apartment the go-to option for any traveller.

We offer multiple floor plans, ranging from studio to two-bedroom units to fit any size traveling party, and all of our apartments are wheelchair accessible. 

Check out our gallery today, and let us show you. Bondi 38 Serviced Apartments can make your next vacation better than any you’ve ever had before. Book with us today, and let us get you on track to taking your next holiday in beautiful Sydney.


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Bondi 38 Serviced Apartments

Bondi 38 Serviced Apartments

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