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The History of Bondi Beach – Sydney’s Most Famous Beach

Vacation during the holidays is a leisure activity for most people, but for others, it is a way of shedding the stress of everyday life. It renews your spirit and eases you away from the pressures of the routine. 

Isn’t it nice to see the horizon where the sky meets the sea? The beautiful hues of blue that emit calmness, the sound of waves that give you comfort, and the wide sea that invites you to take a dip. 

What is the Story of Bondi Beach?

The name Bondi comes from the aboriginal word, Boondi which means water breaking over rocks. Previously, it was a privately-owned estate that only allowed the excess area opened to the public, along with threats of exclusivity over the years. 

The municipal council tried to establish part of it as a public reserve in 1859 but failed. In 1882, the government took action and opened the beach to the public. Despite being open to the public, reaching it was still a challenge. You had to wait for a bus every 30-minute interval that only stopped at Bondi junction. There were still no hotels on Bondi beach at this time.

In 1902, a sub-station at the Bondi junction was built and finally extended to Bondi Beach in late 1906. The trams were slowly replaced by buses as time went by. Despite all of that, the beach’s popularity continued to thrive. By 1920, more than 1000 cars would be parked near the beach by visitors each day. In 1926 the municipal council started to charge parking fees and implement 3-hour timed parking to ensure even more people could come visit and enjoy their day in the sun. 

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Why Stay in Bondi Beach?

The beach boasts a 1-kilometer glimmering beach strip that also produces world-class waves, making it popular for surfing enthusiasts. It is also the only beach in Australia that is open all year round. Not only that there are also luxurious accommodations in Bondi beach, and some of the best-serviced apartments Sydney offers.

What Amenities does Bondi Beach have?

A Bondi beach holiday is a coveted destination for every local and tourist alike. With beautiful views, gourmet restaurants, top-notch accommodations, and fabulous shopping, Bondi Beach has all the trappings of a certified vacation hotspot.. 

Here are just a few of the best destinations & events you can see and experience in Bondi beach.

  • City to Surf Fun Run. A fun run event held every August that attracts around 63, 000 entrants to complete a 14km run from Sydney central business district to Bondi beach. 
  • Flickerfest. The premier international short film festival of Australia is held in January.
  • Sculpture by the Sea. The largest annual outdoor sculpture exhibition held every spring, which features both Australian and overseas artists. 
  • Bondi Beach Market. A farmer’s  market that highlights the laid-back and artsy Australian scene of Bondi is open every Sunday.
  • Bondi Icebergs. Started way back in 1929 as Bondi Iceberg Swimming Club by a group of dedicated local lifesavers that wanted to maintain their fitness during the winter months.

Planning A Stay Near Bondi Beach?

If you are planning to travel to Bondi Beach, a serviced apartment by Bondi 38 Serviced Apartments is exactly what you are looking for during your stay. You will enjoy front row views of the beach from our gorgeous property, with easy access when you are ready to make your way down. Our comfortable and modern spaces make this a vacation property you won’t forget.

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