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Bondi Beach Record

Bondi Beach Facts

The world famous Bondi Beach in Australia is a highlight for tourists around the world. It’s one of those beaches with both stunning scenery and a vibrant beach culture. The crescent sand beach is only 7 kilometres or 4 miles east of the Sydney Central Business District, which is why a lot of locals, as well as visitors all over the world, flock there in the summer.

Essential Bondi Beach Facts

It’s interesting to know more about Bondi Beach and have a good insight into why it is one of the most popular beaches in the world over. You may find some of the facts below both amusing and fascinating.

The History of the Name

The name “Bondi” comes from the Aboriginal word that means “water breaking over rocks” or alternately “noise of water breaking over rocks.” But when you check with the Australian Museum, you’ll find out another reference for the word “Bondi”. For them, it corresponds to the place where a fight using “boondi” sticks took place. “Boondi” here simply means fighting sticks.

Bondi Beach Weather

Generally speaking, the temperature in Bondi Beach is enjoyable all year round, although the winter months can be cooler. On average during June to August temperatures drop down between 8.8 – 17°C. The warmest months to visit the Beach are from January to March when temperatures typically range from 24-28 degrees and often hotter into the 30’s. Either way, the rest of the months are a great time to visit, with the average temperature not going below 20 degrees Celsius in general and it’s still beautiful on a sunny winter day.

Accommodation in Bondi Beach

There are a lot of accommodation options in Bondi Beach for travellers on all budgets. As a matter of fact, visitors have a lot of choices ranging from backpackers and hostels, to bed and breakfasts, to hotels, motels, and serviced apartments. During the summer months it is advised to book well in advance to secure the best options at the best prices as tourists from across Australia and around the world flock to the region.

Fun Bondi Beach Facts

Here are 10 fun facts that you didn’t know about Bondi Beach. These things are worth knowing because, well they’re fun.

Fun Fact 1: The Length of Bondi Beach

The crescent-shaped Bondi Beach measures about one kilometre or 0.62 miles long. It has an area of 1.22 square kilometres or 0.5 square miles. It is a fairly vast beach but it can still get crowded during the summer months.

Fun Fact 2: Busiest day on record

Bondi Beach can get really crowded. The busiest summer day for Bondi Beach was when its estimated the number of beach goers exceeds 40,000 on hot summer days. That’s a lot of people to get the lifeguards really busy. BUT exact numbers are impossible to calculate as it’s a beach not a stadium.

Fun Fact 3: The Most Infamous Day at Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is known for its surf with waves that can reach 4 metres. The surf there can get very dangerous following big storm systems. In 1938 on a day known as Black Sunday some 200 people were swept into the sea in one moment after several huge waves hit people gathered on the sand bar. Five died and dozens were injured in the deadliest day on record at the beach. Earlier in the day lifeguards had pulled 74 people from the surf in one hour.

Fun Fact 4: Recorded Shark Attacks at Bondi Beach

Between 1990 and 2017 there have been a total of 3 unprovoked shark attacks at Bondi Beach. None have been fatal. The beach is protected by shark nets, air surveillance teams, and lifeguards.

Fun Fact 5: Hottest day on Bondi Beach

The hottest day on the beach happened in January 2018 when a scorching 47.3 degrees Celsius was recorded. That’s comfortably beat the previous record from 2013 of 45.8 degree Celsius. The summers at Bondi Beach are generally fine, but Sydney can get strong heat waves so be prepared for it.

Fun Fact 6: Bondi Beach in Film

Bondi Beach is a favourite location for films, music videos, television series, and even video games. As a matter of fact, at least 15 major production outfits chose the beach to be their official setting. Some of the more popular TV shows that were filmed on the beach are Bondi Rescue, The Block, Being Lara Bingle, and Breakers.

Fun Fact 7: Famous people who live in Bondi Beach

If you’re quite lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of some famous celebrities who live in the Bondi Beach residential area. Some of them are Rose Byrne, Ed Oxenbould, Victoria Rees, Michael Clarke, Larry Emdur, and Steven Kilbey.

Fun Fact 8: Population of Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is one of Sydney’s most densely populated areas and its population was measured at 11,656 in 2016. Interestingly, 45.3% of the people were born in Australia, making it a truly international location.

Fun Fact 9: Events in Bondi Beach

Visiting Bondi Beach at certain times of the year gives you more than just the waves to enjoy. There are a huge variety of events held there all year round, one of the most famous is the City to Surf run held annually, with 80,000 participants finishing in Bondi Beach along with the iconic General Pants Bowl-A-Rama skate comp.

Fun Fact 10: Guinness World Record Swimsuit Shoot

In 2007 1,010 bikini clad models gathered on Bondi Beach to set a Guinness World Record for the largest swimsuit photo shoot. It seems fitting that Australia, and particularly Bondi Beach, would be home to that particular record.

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