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Bondi Beach Rescue

Bondi Beach Rescue – See The Real Life Heroes

Bondi Rescue is one of the most popular shows on Australian reality television. It features the daily lives and routines of the professional lifeguards patrolling Bondi Beach. The popularity of this factual television program has reached a global audience, and it is aired in 100 countries.

The Bondi Beach Rescue team’s 13th season opened up with dramatic scenes that involved an American being pulled up unconscious from the waters, along with an episode where Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull pays a visit to the team at Bondi Beach. The variety of content on the show is what makes for such compelling viewing. Some episodes are more intense with footage of sharks swimming perilously close to shore, or a knife wielding man on the beach, while in between there is real insight into the daily lives of these professional life savers. There is never a dull moment on the show.

Bondi Rescue – How to See Filming in Person

If you want to see the filming of Bondi Rescue in person, you just have to go to the beach on weekends ,or weekdays if you have the time, during the summer months. Doing so give you the best chance to catch the stars of the show in action. And if you’re really lucky, you may just have film crews there ready to film the show. There are less lifeguards on duty during the other months and less beach goers in general, but you may still see some familiar faces.  

The stars of Bondi Rescue are the 39 council-employed lifeguards. You can expect some of them running the shift during the time that you’re there. It’s almost certain that you’ll see one or two stars from the show in the summer. But if you want to see the actual filming live and in person, you’ll have to camp out longer on the beach and wait for the crew to arrive.

When is the Bondi Beach Rescue Series Filmed?

Bondi Beach rescue is filmed in summer and it usually goes to air on TV in March. That may be one of the reasons why Bondi Beach is always crowded during summers. While beach goers are packed onto the famous beach, there’s always a component of people more interested in keeping an eye on the film crew, hoping that they get to see some live action or be captured on camera themselves.

If you pay attention to the Bondi Beach lifesavers boards, you’ll see GoPro’s attached to the front of the boards to capture selfie footage of them in action or while training. So while there’s not always a film crew in the lifeguards faces, there’s usually some sort of equipment in play to capture action from all perspectives.

Season 13 of Bondi Rescue

Season 13 marks the 13th year of the show and the current season continues to follow the lives of the Australia’s top lifeguards as they protect the swimmers in the country’s busiest beach. However, viewers may notice that season 13 is a few episodes short than usual. Even so, the show didn’t compromise the intensity of each episode. Fans are expected to enjoy the same nerve-racking rescues that the show is known for during the last decade.

Because of the fewer episodes, a lot of people speculated that Bondi Beach Season 13 is going to be its last. This is something that a lot of avid viewers have feared to be true and caused a lot of fans to clamour for more.

Rumours Channel Ten Will Axe Bondi Rescue

The rumours that Bondi Rescue won’t be back for Season 14 are widespread and saddened many fans. The DailyMail got the buzz that News Corp admitted that the show’s production outfit, Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder, sent an internal report to the Waverley Council saying that it only needs 10 episodes rather than the usual 13. The changes may have been triggered by the shift in Network Ten’s ownership and management.

But whether or not Season 13 is the last is not entirely true. While there were a lot of rumors, there were no substantial reports or announcements confirming them. Even the network and the production company have no idea where the rumor originated from. As a matter of fact, the filming of Season 14 is well on its way, according to a Network Ten spokesperson. Even Nick Murray of CJZ has expressed their excitement to hear that Bondi Rescue is renewed for the next season.

The Real Life Bondi Beach Rescue Stars

Below are the profiles of the top lifeguards on Bondi Rescue

Bruce Hopkins

Bruce “Hoppo” Hopkins is the top man on Bondi Beach. He has been involved in many mass rescues over the past decade. He has the most number of resuscitations and body retrievals than any other lifeguard in the team. That is why he earned the title Australian Lifeguard of the Year in 2006. This strong leader and well-respected lifeguard used to spend a lot of time in Bronte before serving Bondi Beach.

Dean Gladstone

Dean “Deano” Gladstone has dreamt of being a lifesaver as a child. After working as a plumber for years, he believes that making the career move to become a lifeguard was the best decision he’s done so far. Bondi is his home beach and he enjoys guarding it every day.

Ryan Clark

Ryan “Whippet” Clark loves the beach so much that he wanted to stay near it as much as possible. The idea of spending a lot of time on the beach and getting paid for it appealed to him very much. His first rescue happened in his home beach Bronte when he was just 12 years old.

Anthony Caroll

Anthony “Harries” Caroll used to be a flight attendant for Qantas before taking a job as a lifeguard. He believes that lifeguards have to smile all the time and have empathy or all. Having good health and perfect eyesight are essentials as well.

Andrew Reid

Andrew “Reidy” Reid thinks that being a lifeguard is an extremely fun and rewarding job. He believes that lifeguards have to be very observant because it only takes a second for anything unfortunate to happen. He still guards the beach during the non-summer months but he also tries to use that time off every now and then to enjoy warmer places like Miami and Bali.

Juliana Bahr-Thompson

Juliana is the only female lifeguard in Bondi Beach Rescue. She loves surfing and the idea of being a lifeguard appealed to her when she was young. She was the first female lifeguard of the Lake Macquarie City Council and she also served Noosa and Newcastle before moving on to Bondi.

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