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Bondi Beach At Night

Bondi Beach at Night

The Bondi Beach is Australia’s most iconic beach. The beach is alive day and night, which is why tons of people from around the world come here during the summer. In the evening and after sunset for an hour, North Bondi on the grassy bank is a great spot with people having drinks and picnics on the grass. People watching is also a common activity in Bondi Beach at night, as bodybuilders work out in the outdoor gym while surfers try to catch the last waves before dark.

Things to Do in Bondi Beach at Night

There are plenty of things to do at Bondi Beach after the sun sets because that’s when Bondi’s nightlife kicks in. Here are some great suggestions:

  1. Wine and dine

There are several bars and restaurants along the beach that comes to life at night. You may party late into the night, hit the dance floor, munch on excellent pub food, and enjoy drinks with friends. Some of the best places to go at night in Bondi are The Anchor, The Corner House, Speakeasy Bar, and The Crossing.

  1. Shop around

Visit the Bondi Beach Community Night Market and find a lot of interesting stuff on sale. Most of the items up for sale there are clothes, fashion accessories, arts, crafts, and plants. The market opens at around noon and would normally stay open until 10 pm during the summer.

Is Bondi Safe at Night?

Bondi Beach is generally safe at night as long as you don’t go swimming after dark. It’s a well lit area, but the sand isn’t policed heavily and there’s no beach rescue after dusk so it’s best to stick to the streets at night.

Bondi is a very popular destination so you will still see people hanging out or walking along the prominade until the wee hours of the morning. Because of the busy nightlife in Bondi, people will be coming out of the pubs and bars around midnight as it’s not a late night location. So this is a time of night when people are everywhere on the streets, stopping cabs to get home and potentially being a menace. It’s this time of night that it pays to be smart and avoid the masses, some of them drunk, leaving the establishments in Bondi and around Campbell Parade.

Most of the areas in Bondi are well lit but it still pays to follow the usual precautions when walking around alone late at night. Taxis are everywhere and Uber is a smart option to get to where you need to go (although you can expect to pay premium rates on weekend nights around Bondi).

Bondi Beach at Night View Points

If you want a good view of Bondi Beach at night, there are a couple of great places to go. These spots will give you the perfect vantage view of Bondi Beach and its fascinating sunset.

  1. Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk

This 6-kilometre coastal walk is one of the scenic pathways in Sydney. It offers a magnificent view of the crashing waves, rock pools, stone cliffs, and rock formations. Be sure to wear a pair of good walking shoes and a fully charged camera before you head out right before sunset.

  1. Bondi Icebergs

Bondi Icebergs is a public pool that’s over a century old and it’s open all year round. For a nominal fee, you get to access the adult and kiddie pools that overlook Bondi Beach. They also have an ocean-view bistro where you can have dinner while admiring the beauty of Bondi at night.


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