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Eastern Suburbs Beaches – Sydney’s Best Kept Secrets

Sydney has many beautiful Eastern Suburbs beaches although their presence is sometimes overshadowed by the more popular Bondi, Bronte, and Tamarama beaches. But that’s not all of the beaches in the Eastern Suburbs and it you want to bask into the sun in a secluded location, there are dozens of places you can head to. Here’s a rundown on 13 of the top beaches in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs (in no particular order).

  1. Milk Beach

Milk Beach is an interesting name for a beach. This one also faces Harbour Beach and offers you the best view of the Bridge. Take a beach path to find it, but the small effort is well worth it.

  1. Parsley Bay Reserve

This one-of-a-kind bay boasts of quiet waters and a fantastic view with rocks and a picturesque white bridge that you’ll definitely love to explore. Trees provide shade on the grass, rocks for exploring and turquoise waters for plunging into. This is still hidden, but less of a secret today, however Parsley Bay is a perfect for young and old.

  1. Bondi Beach

Everybody knows Bondi as the beach that draws thousands of visitors locally and from all over the world each day. There’s a lot going on and off the shores of Bondi Beach, which is the reason why all roads here during the summer during the day and nights. Bondi Beach is also known for its vibrant cafe culture and offers plenty of options for a delicious breakfast and coffee.

  1. Bronte Beach

Just like Bondi, Bronte Beach is a great place for surfing. But on top of its beautiful waters, this beach also offers a superb beach-side park and a picturesque salt water pool. There are also a number of cafes and restaurants in the area so you’ll have plenty to do while here.

  1. Tamarama Beach

Although the Tamarama beach is rather small, it’s a popular spot for surfers too. It’s located just south of Bondi and it has a great parkland area as well. Just be careful with the ocean swell as it can be very rough at times.

  1. Clovelly Beach

Clovelly beach is a unique swimming spot that’s perfect for kids. Paved with concrete on one side, a pool on the other and a cove in the middle, Clovelly beach is a snorkeling hotspot. The small reef in the cove is teaming with marine life and if you’re lucky you may catch a glimpse of the famous Blue Groper that calls Clovelly home.

  1. Gordon’s Bay

Gordon’s Bay teal to aquamarine waters is an open invitation to avid photographers. This beach is definitely one of Sydney’s most panoramic areas. It’s a little bit hidden so you won’t see a lot of people. You’ll definitely get a lot of great shots out here.


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  1. Coogee Beach

Those who want to soak up the sun in a busy yep picturesque and lively location should enjoy Coogee. This cheerful place actually has a little something for everyone from surf to beach volley ball to plain old people watching.

  1. Maroubra Beach

Sand dunes, surf and isolation from the busy Bondi end of the Eastern Suburbs make Maroubra a quintessential Australian beach. This big long beach will spoil you for choice, meaning there’s virtually no competition for spots, even in the summer months. This beautiful beach can have rough surf, but it’s also perfect for families with small kids as there are rock pools to paddle in.

  1. Malabar Beach

This small bay beach has quiet waters that are great for canoeing, paddling, or snorkeling. If these are the activities that you love doing while on the beach, then this is the place where you should go. Located one bay further south of Maroubra, Malabar also features a great park nearby.

  1. Little Bay Beach

The Little Bay Beach is more like a secret beach located beneath the Coast Golf Course. It’s a flat beach found down the stairs, and its sheltered nature makes it perfect for snorkeling and swimming. Isolated, not widely known and ideal for quiet afternoon relaxing.

  1. Kutti Beach

This hidden beach is not very easy to find. But if you do happen to stumble upon it, you’ll enjoy spending the rest of your day out there. It’s a harbour facing beach that’s mostly known by locals,

  1. Mackenzie’s Bay

Another hidden beach, you might have actually walked right past it, as you go from Bondi toward the Coogee Coastal Walk. This beach offers a small strip of sand, rocky areas, and mini rock pools that’s worth checking out.



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