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What Is Bondi Beach Famous For?

In Sydney lies Australia’s most famous and beloved shoreline, Bondi Beach. Locals and travellers flock to the one kilometre white sand beach in Sydney to enjoy all that this gorgeous stretch of sand and surrounding area offers, including fine restaurants, unique shops and much more.

Before you come and explore this gorgeous and historic beach, let’s learn a little about what makes it such a famed and cherished place  to everyone who gets to enjoy its charms.


“Bondi,” originally “Boondi” is an Aboriginal word which has the same meaning as the word “water breaking over rocks.”. The first record of the word “bondi” being used was recorded by European-ancestry Australians at the beginning of the 1900s. On the other side of the name debate, The Australian Museum records that Bondi means ‘place where a fight using boondi sticks took place.’

Did you know?

An important type of Aborgoinal tool, the Bondi point, was first identified in the Bondi area. The oldest examples come from southeast Australia and date back to around 3000 BC.


In the mid-1800s, the property that the beach is on was part of a private estate called the “Bondi Estate.” The owners initially allowed public access to the beach, which boasted large waves. After a massive increase in popularity and an influx of regular visitors, the owners tried to make the beach completely private, but the Municipal Council intervened and declared it a public reserve in 1882.. By the 1900s, up to 60,000 people were coming to the beach every day. 

Bondi Beach has long been the main stage for efforts to control decency in swimwear for both men and women. In 1935, the local government passed an ordinance regulating the amount of skin that could be shown. Up to the 1960s, lifeguards could kick people off the beach if they deemed their bathing suits too “scandalous.” This led to American actress Jean Parker being escorted off Bondi Beach in 1951 because they found her bikini revealed too much skin. After many complaints, the ordinance was repealed in 1961.

The beach is also the location of the world’s first formal surf life saving club, which formed in 1906. This club was one of the first to use the life saving reel, which helped save the lives of two young boys in 1907. One of those boys was named Charles Kingsford Smith, who turned out to become one of Australia’s most famous pioneer aviators.

Did you know?

In 2007, 1,010 women wearing tiny bikinis assembled on Bondi Beach. The resulting photograph, published in Cosmopolitan the next year, made it into the Guinness Book record for the largest swimsuit photoshoot. 


Bondi Beach is known all over the world as one of the most gorgeous beaches to visit and that’s why on average, over 2.6 million people a year flock there. It is a very popular and well visited area. 

With so much to do and see, Bondi Beach will continue to be a popular local and tourist hot spot for many years to come.

Did you know?

Bondi hosted the beach volleyball competition for the 2000 Summer Olympics.

Fun Facts

  • The most popular time to visit is between December and February, where the water temp can get up to 23 degrees Celsius.
  • The Bondi Skate Park, a famous place to skateboard, can be found near the beach. It is host to a bowl skating competition every year, with the likes of Tony Hawk vying to win.
  • Bondi Beach is the site of many famous Australian reality shows, such as The Block and Being Lara Bingle. 
  • The beach is protected by shark nets. Only 3 shark attacks have been recorded in the last 30 years and none have been fatal.
  • On its busiest day of the year, 40,000 can be seen passing through Bondi Beach. 
  • The southend of the beach is famous for its rip current known as the “Backpackers’ Express”
  • Bondi Beach is the widest beach in Sydney

With a storied past and a bright future, Bondi Beach is a gem of Australia. From the weather to the activities, this beach remains a cultural pastime to native Austrailians and an amazing place to visit for tourists on vacation.

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