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How Has Australian Tourism Changed Under COVID-19?

Travel and tourism around the world took a brutal hit from COVID-19, and Australia is no exception. We experienced planes being grounded, tourist venues shuttered, and cruise ships quarantined. The losses experienced by the travel and tourism industry have been impacted more severely than any other sector. According to The Economist’s analysis, the bigger a country’s COVID-19 outbreak, the more significant its shift is away from foreign travel.

As we move out of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are more ready than ever to get out and travel. However, they are looking to stay closer to home as fear of flying, and distant travel still lingers. The silver lining is that Australians are ready to fill the gap left by international tourists and prepared to take on an adventure in their homeland. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the valuable lessons the travel industry has learned from the pandemic. 

Domestic Tourism Increases

Australians are known for being travelers, but having spent most of 2020 at home, they’re ready to escape and enjoy some normalcy. According to a survey conducted by KPMG, some 61% of respondents said they planned on booking a holiday between January and June of 2021, and 72% plan to book a holiday between July and December.

In addition to the ability to travel, the way we work has changed due to COVID-19. Since most employers switched to work from home, this means you can work from anywhere – including a holiday destination. This provides opportunities for tourism operators to gain more income from the newfound traveller’s freedom to travel and work.

Local Tourism Will Stay Steady After COVID-19

Since the pandemic hit, it created uncertainty in every facet of life. This is especially true in the workforce, many people lost jobs, had hours cut, were made to work from home, and everyone worried about their finances. Due to the uncertainty, Australians saved money, had fewer expenditures due to the lack of a commute, and saved as much money as possible.

International borders are still closed to outside travelers, but Australians are free to travel within the country, vacation and enjoy the sights.

Changing The Way We Take A Holiday

There is a significant shift in trends relevant to the domestic tourism industry, and it looks like these will continue to evolve over the next one to two years. A few of these trends are:

  • Young Australians may want to travel overseas, but more and more are ticking locations at home off their bucket list because of travel restrictions.
  • Taking a working holiday is becoming more popular. With flexible work locations thanks to work-from-home orders due to the pandemic, travellers can combine work and holiday for an enjoyable travel experience.
  • Everyone loves a good road trip. This is especially true post-pandemic. Whereas backpackers and cruise enthusiasts may have gone to Europe to enjoy these experiences, they find areas throughout Australia to enjoy the same activities and take the opportunity for a bit of a road trip to enjoy the sights.

Many travellers will find themselves as a tourist in their own town or their own country, finding little-known sights, checking off bucket-list locations, and just getting a chance to get out and relax after being cooped up all year.

From Australia To New Zealand And Back

With Australia’s borders opening to nearby New Zealand, travel is possible again, and the same is true for New Zealanders visiting Australia. This ability to travel back and forth allows domestic tourists to get a taste of adventure without going abroad. This travel helps tourism industries in both countries and keeps local businesses and destinations afloat. 

There are some popular locations that both Aussies and New Zealanders can enjoy. Be it planning a ski trip in New Zealand for the winter holidays in June or July or visiting the Gold Coast, Cairns, and Sydney. No matter where Australians want to travel, they have the freedom to do so as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted bit by bit and life returns to normal.

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