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Boutique Hotel Bondi

Boutique Accommodation Bondi: Current Trends and Projections

Bondi is one of the most sought after destinations for tourism  in Australia. Over the past few years, the number of tourist visits (both domestic and international) has risen consistently. The average number of tourists who come to Bondi over the past four years is at an average of 2.6 million. Seeing this staggering number, accommodation providers in Bondi needs to keep up in order to stay competitive and to meet the demands of the tourists. Discover why and how boutique accommodation in Bondi is changing the scene and what it means for the industry in general.

Boutique Hotels in Bondi

When you travel, the accommodation takes up a huge chunk of your budget. It, therefore, makes sense to take a lot of consideration into making that choice. It is also worth noting that this is where you will be spending a significant amount of your time – it is basically your home while you are on travel. As you would want to be at home, your accommodation should provide a place to relax and rejuvenate after a day of sightseeing and other activities.

For so long, hotels have become the go-to option for leisure and business travelers. They have earned the reputation for providing quality customer service, modern facilities, and excellent cleaning. But since the cost of hotels is continually rising, it has prompted travelers to consider a few other options – read: one that is cheaper and has more flexibility than what hotels can offer. This is when boutique options come into the picture. They provide an alternative to hotels without compromising quality, privacy, and accessibility. And the rate of its growth shows that it could soon be more than just an alternative. 

Boutique and Hotel Trends in 2019

When boutique hotels first burst into the scene, they were not widely taken up by the mainstream consumer. But it has been a few years now and there are more boutique hotels and accommodation options popping up all over Bondi, and other parts of Sydney. The fact that there are more of these types of accommodation nowadays is a testament to the fact that tourists are looking at other options aside from the traditional hotels.

These are some of the trends that are shaping the industry for boutique accommodation in Bondi in 2019 and beyond:

  • The ability to integrate technology is going to facilitate a better guest experience. As much as hotels are known to integrate modern tools, being “boutique” allows accommodations to easily adapt new tools than a hotel can’t. This is something that boutique hotels or accommodations should take advantage of. It is not just about integrating technology but being able to determine the right kind of technology to integrate into your services. If boutique hotels and accommodation are to become competitive, it is important to keep up with technology.
  • Personalised service that goes above and beyond what they’d expect. As a guest, you would expect services to be tailored based on your demographic or preferences. When booking, boutique hotel owners need to create a profile for their clients. This will enable them to pull out information about each client so as to offer services and facilities that would match the client specifications or needs. Most boutique hotel owners even ask clients about any special requests upon booking so that those are taken care of prior to your arrival. It is important to be one step ahead of the clients as it will leave a good impression.
  • A great location is still at a premium. Location remains as one of the primary factors that travellers look into when booking a place to stay. With boutique hotels and accommodation in Bondi, they are more prevalent now than they were about a decade ago. Thus, it is not uncommon to find ones that are located right next to Bondi Beach. This is an indicator for potential investors and boutique hotel owners to find a location that would be desirable enough to entice clients to stay in their property.

Why Choose to Stay in a Boutique Hotel or Accommodation?

This question makes perfect sense, especially since there is a huge array of options available in Bondi. So, what does make a boutique hotel or serviced accommodation stand out? A serviced apartment such as Bondi 38 makes you feel like you are literally home. Instead of booking a single room, you can enjoy more space with a kitchen and living room. The size of the room and the features available will vary depending on what type of room you choose to book.


Either way, these spaces are carefully designed to meet your specific needs, and that of your group. And with that said, this is another advantage of this type of accommodations such as Bondi 38 – it is suitable for a group of travelers such as families. While hotels imposes a limit on the number of people that can be accommodated with each room, you won’t have that same restriction. 

The personalized and attentive service is the main ethos of boutique accommodation in Bondi. If these features will remain consistent and when the new trends are adapted, you can expect that boutique hotels and accommodation will continue to have a strong share of the industry.



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