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Finding Accommodation Apartments in Sydney

Sydney is the quintessential modern metropolis. It features a bustling city skyline, skyscrapers, vibrant nightlife, artistic murals, pristine beaches, and has tons of great neighborhoods to choose from. Visitors who come to Sydney will have plenty of places to see and things to do and your choice of place to stay can greatly impact your access to that. In addition, each area has its own unique identity so there are certain personalities that would best fit each neighborhood.

If you want to immerse into the culture of the city and get to know its people, finding accommodation apartments in Sydney is ideal because it enables you to live among locals. While major hotel chains are situated at the city center, apartments provide you with an insight into the day-to-day life of Sydneysiders.   

Best Suburbs to Stay in Sydney

No matter what you are after during your stay in Sydney, there is a neighborhood for you! Indeed, each suburb in Sydney has a unique atmosphere and identity that it is all about breaking down your interest and finding the right match. This is a list of the best suburbs to stay in Sydney and why you need to choose them.

Bondi – Sydney is known for its gorgeous beaches, such as Bondi Beach, so visitors to the city are always seeking out ways to get as close to the beach as possible. You can find a wide range of accommodation apartments in Sydney that are located in Bondi for those who would like to have easy access to the beach, stunning coastal walks, and local shops. It is rated as one of the best areas to stay outside of the city center.


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Paddington – If you like shopping and experience the modern neighborhood in Sydney, Paddington is a great choice of suburb for that. You can find many upscale restaurants, art galleries, funky shops, and lively pubs in the area so there is something for everyone here.

Manly – Manly is another great suburb if you are looking for a great place to stay in Sydney. This suburb is less crowded than Bondi with access to equally stunning beaches and villages with a laid back ambiance.

Below are a few more suburbs to consider, depending on your travel preferences and what you want to see in Sydney.

Darling Harbour – This is an energetic and vibrant neighborhood so Darling Harbour is best for young travelers looking for an exciting time in Sydney. It is a walking district and filled with attractions for all ages, which makes it ideal accommodation for families with kids, too.

CBD – If this is your first time to travel to Sydney, the CBD area is a great choice of place to stay. It is centrally located and is well connected to other parts of the city for your convenience.


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Holiday Accommodation Apartments

There are a number of options when it comes to accommodation apartments in Sydney, which is now the preferred choice of accommodation among tourists. Gone are the days when hotels would be a tourist’s first option. Not only are hotels more expensive, but it does not offer the independent and comfortable setup that apartments can offer. The latter is also a more favorable option for large groups, such as families, which makes planning your trip to Sydney a bit easier on the budget.

Another advantage to choosing holiday apartments is the fact that you have flexible terms when it comes to the length of stay. Some would cater to short-term rentals such as a few days to a week. And there are also holiday accommodations that can cater for long-term stays such as 1-3 months. That is the beauty of a holiday apartment because you can rent the space for as long as you need to. In fact, some would offer cheaper prices for long-term rentals. Since you have access to a fully furnished interior, it feels like having a home away from home.

When choosing apartments for your holiday accommodation, remember these tips to help you make the right choice:

  • Find the best neighborhood to stay in. This will give you easy access to major tourist attractions and activities while also helping you save on transportation costs.
  • Know your priorities for finding a great accommodation. Do you need a big kitchen that is fully furnished? Or is a room with a view important to you? List your priorities to help you pick an apartment that can accommodate your needs.
  • Check the actual photos of the accommodation. It is important that you have a visual idea of how the apartment looks like so you know what to expect. It is also recommended that you check the reviews for that specific apartment to see if the former occupants were happy with their stay. If no photos are provided upon booking, you can request for them.
  • Get in touch with the customer service team. Use this as an opportunity to assess how helpful and responsive they are. It is important that the customer service for the holiday apartment is prompt in responding to your queries as it is an indicator of how well they value their clients.

Do you prefer to stay in holiday apartments when you travel? Or you still opt for more traditional types of accommodations such as hotels?


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