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Emerging Trends in Short Term Accommodation in Bondi

Since the advent of AirBnB, there was a boom in demand for short term accommodation in Bondi and elsewhere in the world. This growth and development in the short-term rental industry is also coupled with a boom in the tourism industry, in general. With many budget airlines in operation that makes it possible for more people to travel, you can expect a consequential rise in demand for accommodation, as well. In an industry as dynamic as tourism, change is to be expected and that is true when it comes to finding accommodation. There are many influencing factors that shape the industry and competition is just one of many fuels. 

South Bondi Short Term Accommodation

If you own or operate In Bondi, the demand has always been there. Since Sydney is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Australia, finding properties to stay in near Bondi is a go-to option for a lot of tourists. This gives them the opportunity to stay close to top attractions such as Bondi Beach, but still close enough to the center of Sydney to enjoy other attractions there without breaking the bank.

Whether you run a short term accommodation in Bondi or you are looking for a place to stay with friends or family for an upcoming trip, you can choose serviced apartments like Bondi 38. When choosing a place to stay, you can look at the emerging trends in the industry to know if the serviced apartment you choose to stay in has them to offer. Only then can you ensure that you get the most value out of your money.

Vacation Rentals Over Hotels for Many Guests

This has been the trend for a few years now and will continue to be so in the next few years (at the very least). There are so much that short term accommodation such as vacation rentals or serviced apartments can offer that hotels cannot. A good example of that is spacious rooms or apartments. You can enjoy more space that you can use at your disposal rather than be limited by what your hotel room can offer. In most cases, outdoor space and patios or terrace view is guaranteed with these types of accommodations (whereas not all hotel rooms have that to offer and those that do charge extra for the room). 


popular bondi beach

The lower pricing for accommodation with great location is another striking factor. Indeed, you cannot beat the value that is offered by short term rentals like apartments and holiday suites, and travelers are finally realising that.

Focus on Communities

Another advantage that is offered by short term accommodation is the opportunity to highlight the neighborhood. Most of these types of accommodation are focused on showcasing what the community has to offer and giving you easy access to that. Whether it be the best attractions, local favorites, and popular bars or restaurants – staying in this type of accommodation offer easy access to that. There is an emphasis on living like the locals do so the neighborhood is also highlighted in the process.

Niche Markets Have More Traction

When talking about short term rentals, it is such a broad scope of accommodation types that travelers could get easily confused. Moving forward, the industry is expected to build more established niche markets to make it easier for travelers to identify the best type of accommodation to match their travel needs. For example, serviced apartments are the ideal option for those looking for a more laid back and luxurious stay at a budget. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy a fully furnished kitchen with modern amenities and a large interior space. Whether traveling as a family or as a couple, you have everything you need to ensure a comfortable and luxurious stay for a fraction of what hotels might charge. 

Another example of this would be the introduction of more specific types of accommodation such as country cottages, barn bookings, or nature lodges. Each of these accommodation types offers a unique type of accommodation experience. This would make it easier for travelers to find the right match according to what type of rooms they expect to find and the services that come with it. 

To conclude, introducing novelties and focusing on enhancing the experience is a vital component if you want to keep up with the booming short term rental industry.

Expectations Will Rise

Due to the fact that short term rentals will now be the go-to option for most travelers, their level of expectation will rise. For hosts and owners of short term accommodation, it is important to maintain that level of expectation. From providing quality customer service, to developing beautiful properties with innovative features and amenities, and marketing your property on social media, you have to keep up! The tourists who might book these properties for a short term stay in Bondi are going to be more discerning so you have to compete. 

What else do you look for in a short term accommodation in Bondi? Do you prefer a great location over amenities or vice versa?


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