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Bondi to Watsons Bay Walk: What You Need to Know

The Bondi to Watsons Bay walk is one of the most popular in Sydney. The 9km stroll along Sydney’s coast offers beautiful sights, including bustling beaches, crumbling cliffs, and more. If you’re planning a Sydney apartment holiday and want to experience some of the best views in Australia, this walk is a great starting point–but you should know what to expect before hitting the trail.

As the leading provider of Sydney serviced apartments, we intimately know Bondi and the surrounding area, including the walk to Watsons Bay. Besides providing visitors with Bondi accommodation, we like to ensure guests get the best experience possible when exploring the surrounding area.

The tips provided in this piece will prepare you for what the Bondi to Watsons Bay walk is like and how you can make the most of your trip. With your expectations set, you can better plan how to spend your time on the walk and manage some of the unexpected difficulties that may come up. Read on to learn how you can plan your Bondi stay for maximum enjoyment!

It’s A (Relatively) Easy Walk

Traveling from Bondi to Watsons Bay is a gentle walk with little obstruction. As you continue your passage along the coastal path, you’ll find the land is mostly flat with just a gentle incline for the first 3k of the walk. Most visitors report that they can complete the trek in two and a half hours–and that includes taking in the sights. 

That said, some visitors are surprised at how Bondi beach itself can be. As a popular tourist destination with plentiful beachfront accommodation, you’ll see people on the beach around the clock, enjoying the pristine beach, surfing incredible waves, and patronizing Bondi beach hotels. Of course, the beach is the part of the walk where you’ll encounter the most people, but you should have no problem navigating the crowds as you make your start.

Stick to Defined Paths

Along the walk, you’ll notice that some sections feature man-made pathways and others don’t. Paved paths are essential because parts of the trail go through residential areas, which means wandering off could lead to you unintentionally trespassing on private property. The same can be true even for seemingly out-of-the-way regions, like coastal cliffs or parks. 

Sticking to coastal paths where available is a must to keep your vacation from running afoul of locals. They can also prevent you from walking onto potentially dangerous terrain, like unstable cliffs. However, some sections of the trek allow for more freedom of movement, so keep your sense of adventure at hand. 

The walkways still provide ample opportunity for fantastic sightseeing. Besides the gorgeous Sydney coast and cliffs, the trail will bring you up close to points of historical interest. These include original, incredibly preserved Aboriginal engravings as well as the oldest lighthouse in NSW.

Transportation Options

Transportation exists directly connecting both ends of the trail. You can utilize bus lines and ferry transport should you only want to walk one way or would prefer to start in Watsons Bay and work your way back to Bondi. Of course, driving your own vehicle is also an option (Watsons Bay has accessible parking, and if you opt to book your stay in one of our Sydney Bondi beach hotels, you can secure a parking spot on-site).  

A bus line regularly runs to and from Bondi, and its scheduled stops allow you to modify your walk as you see fit. For example, some visitors prefer to take the bus from Bondi and get off at the first stop outside of the beach to begin their journey. Others will ride directly from the city to the beach itself.

You’ll find the transportation accommodation in Bondi beach inexpensive and efficient. Be sure to utilize it however you see fit and make your stay truly yours!

Make Your Visit Memorable At Bondi 38

Whether you’re visiting the Bondi beach area for a weekend escape or more extended vacation or getaway, you’ll want modern lodging that mirrors the beauty of the beach itself. At Bondi 38, we provide Sydney serviced apartments with easy access to everything the coast has to offer. With one and two-bedroom options (as well as studio rooms), our boutique serviced apartments provide the ultimate in comfort, no matter how long your stay.

Every one of our rooms features keyless entry, modern appliances (including fully equipped laundry and kitchen areas), air conditioning systems, and complimentary Wi-Fi and Foxtel. Many rooms overlook Bondi beach and put you just steps away from the sand, and our rooms’ proximity to the beach puts you in the heart of some of Bondi’s best amenities. So reach out to us today to book a gorgeous serviced apartment for your Bondi beach holiday.


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Bondi 38 Serviced Apartments

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