Top things to do around Bondi Beach in 2018

From sunbathers and surfers to billionaires and backpackers, Bondi Beach’s surf breaks, turquoise waters and golden sand has something to offer for everyone. And yet there’s more to this beachfront than only ocean air, surf and sand.

Food and drink around Bondi Beach

Bondi Trattoria

Bondi Trattoria


Bondi Beach is amongst Sydney’s most outstanding hubs for eating and drinking, full of bars and prestigious restaurants. It is one of the most glamorous neighbourhoods in Sydney. This is by absolutely no means an exhaustive list, but here are 3 restaurants that you have to try.

Bondi Trattoria

This restaurant’s menu leans heavily to the beginning of a meal, possessing an antipasti list that is extensive. They use white roe for their taramasalata, milder and creamier than the more commonly used pink. It is topped with fennel pollen, lemon oil and bottarga, served with flat bread that has been grilled. The restaurant also serves Moreton Bay bugs, raw diamond clams, and oysters. For their main courses they serve items including pizzas, steak, and fish and chips.


This restaurant is one of the best around Bondi Beach. It is owned in part by Darren Robertson, a celebrity chef. It is a restaurant, café and coffee spot combined. They have Stuart Toon, another celebrity chef, working for them as well. They use local ingredients that are fresh for all their dishes. Their wonderful breakfast menu includes a bacon sandwich where the bacon has been maple cured. They also make their own HP sauce.

North Bondi Fish

This restaurant is owned collectively by Matt Moran, another celebrity chef and Peter Sullivan, his business partner. They serve excellent fish and chips. Another of their chefs is Paul McGrath, who focuses on bringing in local products and using them in their dishes. The restaurant has a fantastic view, showing the ocean, creating the ideal atmosphere to complement the food. Their menu focuses, as you might expect, on fish, including salmon, prawns, snapper that has been grilled on charcoal, fish fingers and rock oysters. 

How to have the beach all to yourselves

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One of the great advantages of having your very own Bondi accommodation to stay in is that it allows you easy access to the beach when it’s quiet and peaceful – early in the morning. Bondi Beach is usually very crowded, with sound systems blaring loud music and volleyball players engaged in playing their sport. If, however, you go early, as the locals often do, you can get the beach pretty much all to yourselves. So, if you want to enjoy a quiet, idyllic time on the beach, set your alarm clocks to ring at dawn, rise early, and head out to the beach.

Enjoy a walk along the coast

Bondi to Bronte Walk


The walk from the Bondi coast to Bronte may be short, but it is spectacular nonetheless, showing off the greatest parts of the Sydney coastline, especially when undertaken early in the morning, the ideal time to observe nature’s rock pools, beautiful beaches, ocean views that are panoramic and the crashing waves.

We strongly recommend that you have your breakfast at Three Blue Ducks, which has been feeding hungry customers ever since it opened in 2010. It pulls in huge crowds, changing the menu all the time. Try their black sausages and scrambles eggs as well as the Vegemite which is homemade, and visit their backyard garden, where you will find chooks, beehives and vegetables.

Check out the Icebergs club

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This is an extremely popular destination for those walking the trail from the Bondi coast to Bronte. This superb club plays host to an indescribably amazing ocean pool. The cost of casual entry is pretty cheap at $6.50 only, an entry fee that earns you access to their gym, pool and sauna. After you have taken your walk, swim or surf, be sure to relax your tired muscles with a great massage at the club’s Body Spot. They have three separate massage rooms, and their poolside staff consists of therapists who are amongst Sydney’s best, expertly trained in reducing tension and loosening knots. And top it all with the fact that you can enjoy this amazing massage with the background sounds of crashing surf, making you feel as if you’re in a paradisiacal tropical island. 

Bondi Beach is a great place to work out

Outdoor Gym, North Bondi


Bondi Beach itself can be seen as a humungous outdoor gym. It doesn’t matter what the time of day is, you will run into surfers, swimmers, runners and people carrying out all manner of exercises.

Bondi Beach also has an outdoor gym on the seafront. There is also a huge yoga culture in Bondi Beach, offering a wide variety of options.


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Bondi Beach’s waters are protected by headlands and are a fantastic place to surf. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert, the beach has something to offer for everyone. Tourists and locals alike come surfing here. You even stand a reasonable chance of running into a couple of celebrities, like Hugh Jackman or Chris Hemsworth, who also come here regularly.

If you’re absolutely new to surfing, take lessons at the renowned ‘Let’s Go Surfing’ school.

Bondi Beach Accommodation

2 Bedroom with View

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