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The Sydney to Melbourne Drive

Are you dreaming of an adventurous road trip from Sydney to Melbourne? Taking the road less travelled can be a great way to explore, and cruising along the coastal views between Australia’s two major cities is a must-do. What’s more, you’re in for a treat with picturesque landscapes, captivating towns, mouth-watering regional cuisine, and beverages to indulge in along the way! From packed beaches in the summer months to snow-capped mountain ranges in winter, there’s something for every traveller on this iconic road trip. This article will share our best tips for making your drive from Sydney to Melbourne as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Read on if you’re ready to start planning your big Australian adventure!

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Adding Sydney to Melbourne to Your Bucket List

If you’re looking for an adventure in Australia, adding the Sydney to Melbourne drive to your bucket list should be at the top. These two iconic cities offer diverse experiences that will leave you in awe. From the famous Opera House in Sydney to the stunning Great Ocean Road in Melbourne, your itinerary will overflow with exciting options.

Whether you’re into sightseeing, enjoying fine dining, or exploring the vibrant nightlife, you can be sure Sydney and Melbourne have it all. Not only that, but they are also home to some of Australia’s most beautiful beaches and national parks. So, pack your bags, put on your adventure hat, and prepare for an unforgettable trip Down Under.

Sydney to Melbourne: How Far Apart Are They?

The drive from Sydney to Melbourne covers approximately 887 kilometres (545 miles), making it a decent road trip presenting endless opportunities for adventure-seekers along the way. 

How Long Will the Drive Take?

On average, this journey takes around nine hours of driving, but of course, this will depend on several factors, such as traffic, road conditions, and how often you stop. However, depending on the average speed, you can expect the travel time by the following:

  • Average Speed: 30 mph (48 km/h) – Travel Time: 18 hours 15 minutes.
  • Average Speed: 40 mph (64 km/h) – Travel Time: 13 hours 41 minutes.
  • Average Speed: 50 mph (80 km/h) – Travel Time: 10 hours 57 minutes.
  • Average Speed: 60 mph (97 km/h) – Travel Time: 09 hours 02 minutes.
  • Average Speed: 70 mph (112 km/h) – Travel Time: 07 hours 49 minutes.
  • Average Speed: 75 mph (120 km/h) – Travel Time: 07 hours 18 minutes.

Don’t let the distance deter you from embarking on this adventure. The drive between Sydney and Melbourne offers fantastic scenery, including stunning coastal views, national parks, and charming small towns. Pack snacks, create a playlist, and prepare for an unforgettable road trip.

When’s the Best Time for Sydney to Melbourne Roadtrip?

The best time to go on a road trip from Sydney to Melbourne depends on when you want to experience the most stunning scenery and attractions.

Here are some tips on when the best times of year to travel are:

  • Summer (December-February): Temperatures will be warm and sunny, making it an excellent time to explore the beaches.
  • Autumn (March-May): Enjoy cooler temperatures and fewer crowds while experiencing vibrant foliage colours in the national parks.
  • Winter (June-August): Enjoy the colder weather to explore some of Australia’s ski resorts and snowfields.
  • Spring (September-November): Enjoy milder temperatures and blooming wildflowers, and still avoid most of the tourist crowds.
  • Depending on your preference and the type of activities you want to experience, now you know the best time for your Sydney to Melbourne road trip.

Scenic Route Options

The Hume Highway is the major route that leads from Sydney to Melbourne. However, the most popular route when driving from Sydney to Melbourne is the Princes Highway. This route takes you along the coast and features gorgeous scenery, including rugged cliff faces and stunning beaches. Plus, plenty of rest stops allow you to take in the view or grab a bite.

The Great Alpine Road is another option if you’re looking for a more scenic route with fewer crowds. This road passes through forests and national parks, allowing you to witness some of Australia’s best natural scenes.

The Inland or Coastal Route? Choosing Your Sydney to Melbourne Drive


When planning your route from Sydney to Melbourne, you must decide whether to take the inland or coastal route.

  • The coastal route will offer beautiful scenery and plenty of attractions along the way, including beaches, lighthouses, national parks, and historic sites. You’ll also have ample opportunities to stop for food and sightseeing.
  • The inland route is slightly longer, but it will provide a different set of experiences. Travellers can experience rural towns and farms, and visit some of Australia’s renowned national parks.

No matter which route you choose for your Sydney to Melbourne road trip, you will surely have an unforgettable adventure. So grab your supplies, buckle up, and prepare for a lifetime’s journey.

10 Must-See Stops on Your Sydney to Melbourne Road Trip

Your road trip will never be boring when you include these ten must-see stops on your Sydney to Melbourne adventure. Let us help you plan the perfect adventure.

The following are the top 10 must-see stops on your Sydney to Melbourne road trip:

1. The Royal National Park

The Royal National Park is Australia’s oldest national park and offers stunning coastline views. It is home to koalas, wallabies, kangaroos, and over 1,000 plant species, making it a great spot for wildlife viewing. Here, you can Hike through lush rainforests, dip in the lake, or explore some beaches. You will also find and must try other top attractions like:

  • Wattamolla Lagoon.
  • Figure eight Rockpools
  • Garie Beach.

2. Kiama

Kiama offers some of the most impressive natural wonders in Australia. As you observe the blasting water columns (geyser), you can explore nearby cafes and galleries or climb to the top of Kiama Lighthouse for panoramic views. It is a small coastal town on the South Coast of New South Wales with the most famous landmarks and attractions you must not miss, which include:

  • The Kiama Blowhole.
  • Cathedral Rocks Beach.
  • Kiama Harbour.

3. Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay is a beautiful natural harbour and one of the top destinations for swimming, snorkelling, and kayaking. You will definitely love to stop here and refresh here a little on your road trip. It is a beautiful area perfect for a weekend getaway for the whole family. Here you can enjoy a variety of activities, such as:

  • Bushwalking in nearby national parks.
  • Visiting White Sands Beach.
  • Scouting dolphins or whales.

4. Ulladulla

Ulladulla is a charming fishing village on the South Coast of New South Wales. It’s also known for the best seafood, gorgeous beaches, parks, nearby lighthouses, and an impressive array of historical sites. Other attractions you must see and experience include:

  • Mollymook beach.
  • Gondwana Coast Fossil Walk.
  • The Alley Gallery. 

5. Narooma

Narooma is an attractive coastal town with rolling hills, stunning beaches, and secluded bays. Here, you can explore the area’s national parks, visit local farms and cafes for fresh produce or experience one of Australia’s most unique festivals – The Narooma Oyster Festival. Some of the must-see attractions include:

  • Montague Island Tourist Park.
  • Glasshouse Rocks.
  • Handkerchief Beach.

6. Central Tilba

Central Tilba is a picturesque village you will want to experience on your road trip to Melbourne.. The town is home to some of Australia’s finest examples of colonial architecture and offers plenty of outdoor activities, such as horse riding, kayaking, biking, and bushwalking. Its rich volcanic soil is the secret sauce to the success of local dairy farms. Don’t forget to check out the following:.

  • Mystery Bay.
  • Bellrock Farm Loop Walk.

7. Bermagui

Bermagui is a classic beach town on the Far South Coast of New South Wales, known for its beautiful coastline and spectacular harbour and lakes, perfect for summer adventures. Here, you can experience some surfing or fishing in the pristine waters, explore nearby national parks and beaches, and indulge in local cafes and restaurants. You must not miss out on some of the following attractions:

  • Camel Rock.
  • Wallaga Lake.
  • Bermagui Blue Pool.

8. Croajingolong National Park

Croajingolong National Park is situated on the South Coast of Victoria and offers stunning views of the coastline and dunes. Here, you can enjoy camping, fishing, bushwalking, kayaking, or  wildlife spotting. Other must-see attractions are:

  • Lighthouse of Point Hicks and Gabo Island Lighthouse.
  • Tamboon, Mallacoota, and Wingan Inlet.
  • Genoa Peak.

9. Lakes Entrance

Lakes Entrance is located on the east coast of Victoria on the Ninety-mile beach and offers a great mix of beaches, forests, and rivers. It’s one of the most popular destinations for fishing and sailing and is surrounded by national parks with breathtaking views. It would be best if you tried the following activities while you’re here:

  • Fishing at Lake Tyers
  • Exploring bushwalking trails.
  • Touring the nearby towns of Bairnsdale, Orbost, and Metung.

10. Phillip Island

Phillip Island is a coastal paradise just off the coast of Victoria. It’s home to Australia’s largest fur seal colony, koala breeding centres, beautiful beaches, and wild penguin parades. Other must-visit attractions include:

  • The Nobbies Centre and Boardwalk.
  • Phillip Island Nature Park.
  • Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit.

These are just a few wonderful experiences and attractions on your road trip and adventure throughout Sydney to Melbourne. There’s so much to explore, discover and do in the regions. So make sure you plan for enough time to enjoy these amazing destinations!

Culinary Stops Along the Way

Every road trip will have its share of delicious indulgences. On your drive down the Sydney to Melbourne route, don’t forget to stop at some of these amazing places.

  1. Bega Cheese Heritage Centre

Be sure to visit this unique spot to learn about the history and tradition of making cheese in Australia over the last 150 years.

  1. The Cat’s Pyjamas

Located in Batemans Bay, this cafe and restaurant is the perfect place to grab breakfast or lunch and locally-crafted beverages from nearby wineries, distilleries, and breweries.

  1. Phillip Island Chocolate Factory

Visit this sweet spot and sample handmade chocolates, or take a free tour to see the chocolatiers at work.

  1. Bermagui Farmer’s Market

Enjoy fresh produce from local farms and sample some delicious treats, including freshly made doughnuts, quiches, and pastries.

  1. Curly Flat Winery

Visit this award-winning winery in Lancefield and enjoy an unforgettable dining experience or a wine-tasting session.

These are just a few amazing culinary experiences you can indulge in on your Sydney to Melbourne road trip! So be sure to plan for many food stops and make the most of your incredible journey. From the NSW South Coast to the Victorian Alps and down to Phillip Island, you’ll find adventure and culinary treats at every turn! Bon Voyage!

Tips and Tricks for a Smooth Road Trip From Sydney to Melbourne

If you plan a road trip from Sydney to Melbourne, buckle up and prepare for a fun journey! However, road trips require proper planning to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Here are some tips and tricks to make your road trip memorable:

  1. Choose the right route: Decide whether you want to take the coastal or inland route.
  2. Pack snacks and supplies: Make sure that you pack snacks, drinks, and other items to keep yourself energised during the drive.
  3. Map out your journey: Use a map or GPS navigation system to find attractions and rest stops.
  4. Take plenty of breaks: Give yourself time to rest and recharge during your road trip.
  5. Check the weather: Check the weather forecast before leaving to plan accordingly.
  6. Be mindful of safety: Don’t forget to drive safely, follow all traffic laws, and always obey speed limits.
  7. Ensure your vehicle’s condition: Before hitting the road, check your car’s maintenance to ensure it is in perfect condition.
  8. Check the weather forecast: Check the weather forecast to plan for any possible road closures or delays.
  9. Keep yourself entertained: Pack books, music, and other items to keep yourself entertained during the drive.
  10. Enjoy: Sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey!

These are just a few tips for your Sydney to Melbourne road trip. Proper preparation and planning will prepare you for an unforgettable journey!

Frequently Asked Questions About The Sydney to Melbourne Drive

Q: Is it easy to drive from Sydney to Melbourne?

A: Yes, it is easy to drive from Sydney to Melbourne. It takes around 8-10 hours for the inland route and 10-12 hours for the coastal route.

Q: What are some of the must-see attractions along the way?

A: Some must-see attractions are Blue Mountains National Park, Jervis Bay, Narooma and the Eurobodalla Coast, Lakes Entrance, Phillip Island, Mimosa Rocks National Park, Wilsons Promontory National Park, Inland City, and more.

Q: What is the main road between Melbourne and Sydney?

A: Hume Highway is the main road between Melbourne and Sydney. It runs 890 km and passes through Wagga Wagga, Gundagai, and Holbrook.

Final Thoughts

Driving from Sydney to Melbourne is a great way to explore Australia’s beauty and all it offers! Not only is it convenient and time-friendly, but you’ll also experience the diverse landscapes between two of the country’s most exciting cities – both metropolises overflowing with vibrant culture and fantastic things to do.

The drive from Sydney to Melbourne is an excellent way for adventurous travellers to get a firsthand look at the incredible beauty of this land down under. So whether you’re driving alone or with companions, don’t let the trip pass you! You won’t regret what lies ahead – an unforgettable journey from one city to another waiting just around the corner. Not only is a road trip between Sydney and Melbourne an awesome experience, but you’ll also need to find convenient accommodations along the way. Luckily, Bondi 38 Serviced Apartments is the perfect place to stay and explore these vibrant cities. Find more info on Bondi38 by clicking this link https://www.bondi38.com.au/ So don’t wait – plan your Sydney to Melbourne road trip today!


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