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The Importance Of Self-Care During Lockdown

The Importance Of Self-Care During Lockdown

Thanks to COVID-19, the past year and a half has been highly stressful for everyone. With ongoing lockdowns and quarantines necessary for many worldwide, it’s easy to become overwhelmed from the stress of living through a pandemic.

While it may seem that stress is now just an everyday part of our lives, the truth is, we need to do all we can to take care of ourselves during these unusual times. Self-care is essential, though many people aren’t aware of practising self-care, and many more aren’t aware that it is an essential part of everyday life.

Just like you, we can’t wait until lockdowns are over for good. In the meantime, we want to take this time to share a little information about the importance of self-care, especially during this time, so you can get through these tough times a little easier.

What is Self-Care?

Self-care has become a bit of a buzzword these days, it seems. But what is it? 

Ultimately, self-care consists of all the little habits we engage in regularly to help maintain our physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Self-care is more than just a popular concept. It should be a part of your everyday life, even when lockdowns are a thing of the past. It’s a great way to help gauge how you’re feeling and whether the daily stresses of life are beginning to affect you. 

Engaging in self-care doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Some of the best self-care techniques don’t cost anything and only take a few minutes of your day. But the rewards are massive, and taking just a few minutes each day to focus on self-care can make a big difference to your mental health and wellbeing.

Why is Self-Care During Lockdown Important?

Lockdown is stressful. Lately, it may seem that everything has been stressful. And when you can’t get away from the day-to-day, these persistent stressors can take a toll on how you feel day-in and day-out. 

Taking even a few minutes each day to engage in self-care can help keep you feeling calmer, happier, and healthier. Since prolonged stress can lead to depression and other prominent health issues, it’s more important than ever to incorporate some form of self-care into your daily routine. 

Stress Causes Weakened Immune Systems

According to some studies, stress can lead to a weakened immune system. Lower immunity is definitely not something that you want to worry about during a pandemic. Long-term stress, even at low levels, can put you at risk of other illnesses, too, including:

  • More frequent colds and infections
  • Digestive issues
  • Constant fatigue

Stress and Depression

If you don’t keep your daily stress level in check, it can lead to depression and other mental health problems. When depression sets in, it can lead you to isolate yourself from friends, family, and the things you enjoy even further — a tall order in a time where we are already more isolated than ever.

Fortunately, you can help prevent the adverse effects of stress by forming a self-care plan to help you maintain your mental and physical health.

Make a Self-Care Plan

Self-care can be an easy part of your day-to-day life. Start by taking small steps and make a plan to engage in self-care daily.

Check Your Feelings

Every week, take a few minutes to analyse how you’re feeling. Are you anxious, lonely, depressed, worried, or feeling anything else? Have you been feeling isolated or low?

Taking the time to check your feelings lets you address issues before they become overwhelming or debilitating. If you notice that you’re feeling anxious or worried, you can find a way to deal with the worry before it becomes more severe.

Move and Relax

Your body can often show signs of stress before you even realise that you’re stressed. Are you tense, achy, or do you have a racing pulse more often? These are all physical signs of stress to watch for. 

Consider meditation to help you relax or engage in regular exercise. Physical activity is a great stress-buster, and even a gentle daily walk can help keep your stress in check.

Prioritise Sleep

Sleep is vital for physical and mental health, but you might find it harder to get quality sleep when you’re stressed. Or, you could find yourself struggling to get out of bed, especially if you’re feeling low. 

Make sleep a priority, especially during the lockdown. Try to keep your bedroom ‘sleep-friendly’ by using it just for sleep, not for work or watching television. Focus on good sleep hygiene, which includes stopping the use of devices at least an hour before you go to bed. And stick to a sleep schedule as much as possible. It will help your body know when it’s time for sleep and when it’s time to get up and get on with the day.

Talk it Out

Journalling is a great habit that can help you get those worries and stressful thoughts out of your head. Even better, talk out your worries with a trusted friend or family member. Having someone to talk to can make a world of difference to your self-care regimen, so reach out to someone often.

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In the meantime, take care of yourself. We can’t wait to see you again in the future.


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